Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Messiah: Obama, Obama!

Morning, everyone.

I'm an avid fan of Glenn Beck, who I find immensely amusing and fun to watch. Last night, he released this new video, with a familiar tone to it. Anyone here remember Soviet Russia? Sadly, I'm sure we all do. Well, this video combines the ideals of Soviet Russia and the ideals of the Socialist better known as Obama.

While this video is a joke, created by the brilliant minds at Glenn Beck’s studio, it does put some prospective into what we may be facing with an Obama Presidency:

While you all watch that, I’ll go weep in the corner at the idea of what America is facing. The Russian subtitles might be a bit much, but they serve a point.

Enjoy the video, Comrades.

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Video credit: Glenn Beck/Glenn Beck Studio/CNN Headline News.

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